Dahlia are another popular flower in the Summer and also Autumn to take advantage of for up and coming weddings or events.

Dahlia flowers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours and they are a beautiful bloom for decorating. However, they can be a trickier flower to care for. So, with dahlia season in full swing, we want to share our dahlia care and handling tips.


How to Care for your Dahlias

On arrival, Dahlias can look tired. Don’t be surprised if the dahlias look limp and even slightly squashed on arrival. They are tired from their journey and will need to have a good drink of water to perk up.

  • On arrival, you’ll want to remove the dahlias from their box and unwrap the bunches.
  • Carefully seperate the stems and remove any lower foliage that would fall below the water line.
  • Cut each stem at an angle with sharp scissors or knife. Make sure you do not crush or smash the stems (usually occurs with blunt scissors). Approximately remove 1 inch from each stem and quickly place in water.
  • Allow the stems to drink up, you can give them more support by loosely wrapping the stems with the brown paper supplied to keep them upright.
  • Make sure there is no moisture on the blooms to avoid any molding or rot forming.
  • Keep them wrapped for a few hours until the flowers have perked back up.
  • Depending on the flower variety purchased, some dahlias will open up more after 1 to 2 days.
  • You’ll need to recut the stems and change the water daily  (cool or room temperature). Dahlias can dirty the water pretty quickly and they are particularly sensitive to bacteria, so changing the water frequently is essential.
  • Keep the dahlias in a cool room out of direct sunlight or any drafts.

Dahlias can require more care than other types of flowers and they do not have a long vase life. If you are using for an event, it is advised to order more than required, if there are any breakages you have backups.

For further information on Dahlia conditioning and explore the varieties that are available to purchase on the wholesale market, just visit our website today.


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