As previously mentioned on our blog, Hydrangeas are very versatile and extremely popular in season. They are available in a wide colour palette to suit quite literally every possible colour scheme for wedding, event work and for flower lovers! 

But, which varieties are best to use in Spring? We have selected 8 of our favourite Hydrangeas at this time of year.


Wholesale Hydrangeas are one of the most spectacular flowers available on the wholesale flower markets. Originating from Southeast Asia, wholesale hydrangeas are available in a huge range of stunning colours. The magnificent flower blooms can be anything up to 25cm in diameter and stem lengths vary from 30cm up to a massive 80cm tall.

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Colours and Shapes

Hydrangea Navy Blue – This beautiful deep-cool hydrangea has a hint of lavender. From the name ‘Navy Blue,’ it is somewhat surprising to realise it is not true to its name, with more of a fresh appearance.

Hydrangea Verena Pink – One of the most popular Hydrangeas, the type is available in pink, blue, pastel, green and classic palettes. This soft light pink colour adds a touch of romance to every design and it sure to compliment a pastel colour theme.

Hydrangea Sibilla Red – Similar to the Navy Blue Hydrangea, the Sibilla is actually a deep hot pink colour compared to the Red suggested in the name. This fabulous bloom would work perfectly in a bright and colourful colour scheme with yellows, greens, blues and purples!

Hydrangea My Beautiful Riviera – This warm, lavender Hydrangea variety oozes romance, working well in a pastel colour palette with soft pinks and blues.

Hydrangea Schneeball – A pure white Hydrangea that is very popular for weddings and events is the Hydrangea Schneeball. The ideal Hydrangea to add to your elegant, sophisticated style, working alone or complemented with other flower blooms.

Hydrangea Beau Dali – Ah! This bi-coloured petal, with the blue and white borders, the Beau Dali is a beautiful Hydrangea variety! If you are longing for that hint of blue in your colour scheme, or a dash of blue to add to your interior, the Beau Dali is the perfect Hydrangea for you – with its fresh and trendy appearance!

Hydrangea Verena Milka – This particular Hydrangea has a soft, lavender colour shade and is perfect to add romance and opulence to a design. Combine with other flowers in purple, white and green.

Hydrangea Magical Amethyst – As it says in the name, this variety is “magical”. Just like the classic varieties, there is a combination of different colours in the petals. This would work perfectly for a wedding or event with a pink theme.

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