Throughout the month of June, we are celebrating the Garden Rose. We will be exploring the varieties available on the flower market, including MORE David Austin varieties that have been added to the website this month!

Colour and Shape

This beautiful dusty apricot garden rose captures the warmth of the summer sun and the richness of autumn. They arrive in an unassuming creamy bud and transform into a luscious rosette of tangerine tones oozing a subtle fragrance of tea.

This rose is, amongst many, created by David Austin is particularly popular for weddings and events as a show-stopper focal flower. You can find more varieties here.

David Austin Garden Rose Effie

Source: David Austin Inspired by Beauty

Design combinations

This rose variety oozes with charm, colour and fragrance. So much so, it is bound to make an impression on any occasion, from a simple gift bouquet to being the centre of attention in a wedding floral design.

  • Combine with autumnal shades, spiced reds, russet browns, gold and luscious green foliage.
  • Step into back to Spring incorporating ranunculus, stocks, anemones and asparagus fern into your designs.

Flower Guides by Triangle Nursery

Source: David Austin Garden Rose

Stay tuned this June for more interesting guides, how to demonstrations, different flower varieties and top tips, on using garden roses in flower arrangements for weddings, events, for gifts or simply to decorate your home.

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