As we move into July, our Flower focus changes from Garden Roses to Hydrangea.  There is nothing shy about Hydrangeas, they epitomise beauty with their enormous pom poms with star-shaped blooms! 



Hydrangea cut flowers are extremely popular throughout summer and autumn for Weddings & Events. Not only do they offer a wealth of colour and opulence to a floral design, but they symbolise gratitude, grace and beauty. The perfect gift to send to a loved one, friend or relative!

Hydrangea combines the Greek words “hydro” meaning water and “angeion” meaning vessell. Originating from South East Asia, Hydrangeas are magificient blooms that can be anything up to 25cm in diameter and stem lengths can vary from 30cm up to 80cm. 

Wholesale Hydrangea are grown in greenhouses from March through to December in Europe and as a result, they are much cleaner blooms with glossier foliage compared to outdoor plants. They are grown in plant pots (2L or 10L) to regulate the soil and control the colour of the Hydrangea plants. The bloom can change colour based on the pH level in the soil. The more alkaline the soil, the pinker the flowers.

Growers have been looking to expand the Hydrangea season throughout the winter months until December. In Colombia, we are able to source limited colours, mainly ivory and pastel blue all year round.

Colours and shapes

There are two types of Hydrangea that are differentiated by colour, fresh and classic. At the beginning of the season, the fresh varieties become available in solid colours like white, blue and purple. Later in the season, the classic varieties become available, they tend to be darker, antique colours. They are known for their long vase life and the ability to dry them.

Designs combinations

Hydrangea are becoming more and more popular to use a cut flower and more colours are becoming available in fresh and classic tones. Like the other flowers we have focused on this year, Hydrangea stand proud in a vase on their own, so much so they don’t need any other flowers. But, of course you can combine with other seasonal flowers depending on your preferences.

  • Rose Miss Piggy, Eryngium Sirius Questar, Hypericum and Eucalyptus with Hydrangea Verena Blue
  • Delphinium Centurion White, Olive Branches with Hydrangea Schneeball White
  • Delphinium Blue Shadow, Sunflower Sunrich Orange, Ammi Majus Graceland, Tanacetum Victory Enkel and Hydrangea Lima

Hydrangea 1.jpg

Source: Smart Varforu

Hydrangea 2.jpg

Source: Gardening all year

cool-modern-bridal-glamour-field-party-wedding-19-Lucy and Jack 5th August 2017 Love My Dress (6).jpg

Source: Love My Dress Photography: Lucy Little Flowers: Triangle Nursery Ltd


Source: Big Fish Photography Flowers: Triangle Nursery Ltd

Stay tuned this July for more interesting guides, how to demonstrations, different flower varieties and top tips, on using peonies in flower arrangements for weddings, events, for gifts or simply to decorate your home.

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