Kick start March with a spring in your step! This month we are focussed on Tulips! Tulips are one of our favourite spring flowers, in a huge array of bright colours, fabulous varieties and sizes!

Introduction to Tulips

Find our first video of an introduction to the ever-cheerful tulips. Discovering the symbolism, conditioning tips and tips on external wiring for floral designs. You can also find more information on Tulips on our flower guide on our blog here, along with some of our favourite varieties and tutorials.

Stay tuned for more videos for the entire month focussed on Tulips, we will be exploring different varieties, including French, Frill, Double and Parrot tulips from Europe and British growers, as well as incorporating them into floral designs for wedding and event work.

All of the Tulip varieties can be found on the website. For more information and advice, you can contact us on 01394 385 832 or use our chat facility.

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