Are you subscribed to our Youtube Channel? If not, catch up on our video on the Introduction to Purple and Lilac Roses and exploring different flower varieties that work well with the colour scheme.

Introduction to Purple and Lilac Roses

In the below video, we explore different purple and lilac rose varieties that are available to purchase on the website. Colour can be very subjective to each individual and someone’s blue is another’s purple. Lilac flowers symbolise the first emotions of love, majesty, enchantment and love at first sight. Lilac Roses are traditionally used to express romantic feelings and intentions.

You can find all of the flower varieties used in the video below

Roses used in the video:
– Rose Blueberry
– Rose New Orleans
– Rose Nightingale
– Rose Memory Lane
– Rose Samanthas Bridal
– Rose Amnesia
– Rose Earl Grey

Other flowers and foliage used in the video include:
– Eucalyptus Cinerea
– Senecio Full Moon (Dusty Miller)
– Scabious Blackberry Scoop
– Astrantia Roma
– Stocks Purple
– Freesia Blue Moon
– Calla Lily Cantor

For advice on the roses, stem length, head size and colour, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01394 385 832 or use our chat facility on the website. Find all of our roses on the website. You can also find the satin ribbon and other accessories in lilac and other colours on the website.


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