Looking for a simple, yet statement table centrepiece? We have just the recipe for you. This beautiful centrepiece was created on request by our brides, Dawn and Maggie for their wedding day. 

Below, discover the ingredients for the recipe along with a step by step guide on How to create the design.

Start by gathering all of the ingredients for your recipe, you will need:

1 x 1 Container (depending on the dimensions)

1 x 1 Turntable (optional)

1 x 4 Floral Foam Bricks

4 x Hydrangea Rodeo Pink

1 x 25 Gypsophila Snowball

1 x Corylus Contorta

Step 1:

Begin by soaking your floral foam in water and securing the foam into your chosen container using anchor tape as shown in the photograph. Make sure you fill in any gaps in the container with off-cuts of floral foam. We have used a turntable in the example as the centrepiece is going to be positioned on top of a cylinder or trumpet vase so it helps to visualise the final look if it is raised up from the table.

How to Guide Wedding Centrepiece

Step 2:

Working with the Corylus Contorta, start adding the pieces into the centre of the floral foam. Making sure that the stem is secure and you are happy with the height.

Learn How to Create a Pink and White Centrepiece

Step 3:

Once you are happy with the corylus in the centre of the arrangement, it is now time to ad the Hydrangea into the floral foam. Cut the stems at an angle and slit up the stem to increase the surface area for the flower to drink. Here we have 4 stems of Hydrangea that we will position evenly in the design.

Learn How to Make a Pink and White Centrepiece

Top Tip: If Dutch Hydrangeas are out of season at the time of the event you can always opt for a different variety or solely Gypsophila. Alternatives for the larger bloom would include Colombian Hydrangeas as they are available AYR or Chrysanthemum Blooms.

Step 4:

The final step is to add the Gypsophila to the arrangement. To hide the mechanics of the design as it is being positioned on a trumpet or cylinder vase, the Gypsophila is kept longer at the bottom of the arrangement.

Learn How to Make a Pink and White Centrepiece

Step 5:

As you work your way up the floral foam, the Gypsophila is broken down and cut into shorter stems to entire the sphere shape is kept as shown in the photograph.

Learn How to Make a Pink and White Centrepiece


Step 7:

Continue to add the Gypsophila and fill in any gaps until you are happy with the design.


Step 8:

Store the flower arrangements overnight in a cool, low lit environment. To keep the Hydrangea hydrated you can mist the heads with water.

Step 9:

Position the flower arrangements on your chosen vases on the morning of the wedding or event. Add any beads or diamantes to the arrangement if required for extra decoration.


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