Valentines Day. It is just around the corner and we are getting prepared for February 14th. Flowers, kisses and the sweet murmur of romance. One of the most popular days of the year to surprise your loved one with beautiful blooms.

Red roses and favourite flowers

There is nothing like giving a a bunch of flowers to say ‘I love you.’ Red roses are most certainly at the top of the league table, oozing with love symbolism. But love can also be expressed with other flowers that evoke special and romantic memories. Steal their heart with their favourite blooms or create a bouquet using the flowers from your wedding day. Because what is more thoughtful and romantic than that?

Valentine Flower Ideas

valentines 2019 5

  1. Waxflower Adi
  2. Ranunculus Cloony Haoni
  3. Rose Cherry O

valentines 2019 4

  1. Scabious Strawberry Scoop
  2. Tulip Pink
  3. Tulip Pink Trail

valentines 2019 3

  1. Astrantia Star of Love
  2. Rose Dolcetto
  3. Phlox Senora

valentines 2019 2

  1. Rose Countdown
  2. Astilbe Paul Gaarder
  3. Rose Bounty Way

valentines 2019 1

  1. Rose Bisou
  2. Ozothamnus Cooks Tall PinkĀ 
  3. Scabious Marshmallow Scoop

You can find all of the ingredients listed above on the website.

There are some people that may consider Valentines Day as grossly commericalised and silly and to some extent it really is… but it is also the perfect chance to show the person you love, cherish and think of the most that you do appreciate them and are grateful for all that they do. We all live busy lives and it can be tricky to make someone feel valued. So make the most of this silly little day and make a fuss of that somebody that makes your world a little better and brighter!


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