In the week’s cooler mix, we have a selection of seasonal flowers, edging away from the festive and heading toward the Spring, pastel colour shades and boho style that is desired at this time of year.

Embrace the dyed flowers and foliage from the holiday season/New Year and incorporate in with more seasonal flowers like Hellebores, Scabious and Tulips. It is certainly ideal if you are looking to add just a touch of silver or gold to your designs to suit your colour scheme. Find this week’s cooler mix below.



  1. Ruscus Dyed Gold and Glittered
  2. Tulips Antarctica
  3. Veronica Smart Enjoyce
  4. Ranunculus Cloony Hanoi
  5. Panicum Warrior Dyed Champagne
  6. Hellebores Queens Red
  7. Scabious Lavender Scoop
  8. Hypericum Dyed Gold

To conclude, you can find all of the ingredients on this list and more on our website here. To discover the list of flowers that are available in December, head over to our blog on Flowers in Season: February.


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