Each week on Facebook, we stream a live video demonstrating different flower varieties and arrangements to inspire and educate our viewers. This week the demonstration was based on a Spring linear arrangement using seasonal flowers. Guaranteed to lift your mood and brighten your home this January.

Length: 50:07 Stream Date: 25/01/2019

Do it yourself

Find our schedule on the up and coming live videos on Facebook here.


1 x 1 Double brick Spray Tray
2 x 1 Floral Wet bricks
1 x 1 Carbon Blade Scissors or Florist Knife
1 x 1 Green Stub Wire 0.71mm
1 x 10 Hyacinths Delft Blue
1 x 10 Pussy Willow (Salix)
1 x 20 Tulips (colour of choice)
1 x 10 Narcissus (colour of choice)
1 x 1 Eucalyptus Cinerea
1 x 10 Cordyline Lemon Red Edge Tops
1 x 1 Asparagus Ming Fern

All of the ingredients used in the video are sourced from Triangle Nursery. If you require any assistance using the website, you can use the chat facility or contact the office direct on 01394 385 832.


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