We are steering away from the Christmas decor for this blog, and focussing on wedding work. Winter, a time for a reflection and planning in this industry. Despite the workshops and winter weddings for your clients, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past years achievements and plan for the new season ahead.

Discover this week’s guide on How to Create this beautiful boho corsage using roses, amaranthus and poppy heads. Follow our easy to follow step by step now, along with the shopping list:

Step 1

Condition the flowers overnight before you start working with them. For more information on conditioning, follow our guide on the website here.

Step 2

Begin by cutting the stems shorter approximately 10 to 20cm for each stem (top tip: Do not cut them too short – once you’ve cut it, there is no going back!) 

Step 3

Start by arranging the flowers together, working from the back to the front as shown in the photograph below. Once you are happy with the design you have created, you can cut the stems to size so they are all the same length.


DIY Boho

Step 4

Secure the stems together using parafilm tape, working your way down the stems and create a return end to seal the bottom of the corsage.

How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Step 5

Use ribbon or natural twine to hide the mechanics of the corsage. Attach a corsage pin to the top and bottom of the stems.

How to Guides - Triangle Nursery Ltd

Shopping List:

Rose Maritim

Asparagus Treefern

Natural Poppy heads (Papaver) or Scabious Stellata

Delphinium aja Larkspur Dark Pink

Amaranthus Upright Red


Corsage Clips

Ribbon or Natural Twine

For all of the ingredients in the shopping list, you will find them and more on the website here.

Thank you for reading our guide on How to Create your own Wedding Corsage. If you have any questions on the process or the quantities required, please write a comment in the section below. We would also love to see all of your wedding creations, from bouquets to table decor arrangements, post below or email us directly at info@trianglenursery.co.uk.




  1. Love the mix of flowers/foliage in the corsage but l think the stem is very ugly.l like to see it covered by foliage .just my opinion

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