Pampas Grass – also known by cortaderia selloana — is the year’s newest trend. This week’s DIY wreath is made with Pampas Grass, Dried Poppy Heads & wheat. Who knew we’d collectively fall in love with grass, of all things? These gorgeous waving wheat-toned grasses recall vintage gardens and pastoral pastures. Just one stalk perfectly complement’s modern decor.

Below, discover the recipe and easy to follow step by step guide or find the entire demonstration video on our Facebook page.


1 x Natural Vine Wreath

1 x bunch Pampas Grass

1 x bunch Wheat 

1 x bunch of Dried Poppy Heads

1 x pack of Green Stub Wire 0.71mm

1 x roll of Natural Twine

1 x Sharp Scissors

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1

Begin by breaking down the pampass grass into smaller pieces and adding to the natural vine wreath using natural twine.


Step 2

Continue adding to the natural vine wreath until you are happy with the coverage of Pampas grass. Depending on how large or ‘fluffy’ you would like the grass to be.


Step 3

Next step is to add the wheat to the design. Cluster into 3 or 4 stems and secure onto the wreath with the twine.


Step 4

Next, add the remaining dried decor including lotus and poppy heads to the wreath securing with the twine. You could use wire, however on this occasion the wreath is completely biodegrabeable.


Step 5

Add a hanger to the natural wine wreath to hang indoors for add to your Christmas (or any time throughout the year) decor or give as a gift. Loop the twine and secure with a double knot.


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