Are you ready for the coming month? We are excited about two of the biggest autumn wedding trends of 2018. Jewel-tone themed wedding is very popular at the moment, as well as the Colour of the year, Ultra Violet! We have gathered some photographs to inspire you with possible flower suggestions to achieve your floral designs for both trends.

Jewel-Toned Wedding

Jewel Toned Wedding | Holex Flower

Mysterious, deep jewel-like colours, Sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple and topaz yellow are beautifully mixed to create a boho look and feel. This trend shows us brides in deeply coloured dresses and other decorations in contrasting rich colours. There are some beautiful flowers that you can use, whether you are using the florals to capture the colour palette or opting for a neutral, simple design to compliment and contrast the dramatic decor.

Flowers That Match The Jewel-Toned Wedding Trend

Ultra Violet Wedding

Wedding Trend 2018 | Holex Flower

Ultra Violet has conquered the hearts of many couples this year. Take a look at our mood board and flower suggestions that work well to create the colour theme with this magical colour.

Flowers That Match The Ultra Violet Wedding Trend

To conclude, you can find all of the flowers discussed on this blog can be found at Triangle Nursery website.


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