Summer Purple Blooms

In summer, the flower market has a beautiful array of colour to offer. If your at all indecisive, it can be somewhat impossible to decide on the type of flower varieties and colours to choose from (sorry!).

The most beautiful varieties, in a plethora of bright colours, can be found on our website. One of the most popular colour tones in summertime is purple, and that is why our buyers have selected their 10 favorite purple and lavender summer flowers. From Delphinium to Scabious: they are proud to show you what kind of amazing specialty flowers we offer!

Our Favorite Purple Summer Flowers

  1. Clematis Amazing London – When those sweet looking lavender coloured blooms open up, success is guaranteed in any kind of boho chic design!
  2. Veronica Pacific Ocean – What an intense purple tone! This is a perfect flower for Pantone’s Color Of The Year Ultraviolet themed floral designs.
  3. Ageratum Blue Planet – The quirky little flowers of Ageratum Blue Planet really add an extra touch of summer to a bouquet.
  4. Aster Cassandra – Purple is also a real nice color to mix into field bouquets! Asters are real sturdy looking flowers, which are great for this design style
  5. Delphinium aja Larkspur Lavender – A fun Delphinium variety in a summery lavender color.
  6. Hydrangea Sibilla Purple – This fantastic Hydrangea shines as its fresh variety!
  7. Stocks Figaro Lavender 
  8. Scabious Stafa – Add romance to any kind of summer floral design.
  9. Callistephus Matsumoto Blue – Callistephus is a summer flower with a real good vase life. A very versatile flower, that will be appreciated by any audience because of its well-known flower shape.
  10. Delphinium Kissi Indigo Delight – On the lookout for a real eye-catcher? This stunning Kissi variety is what you need! Look at this amazing cone of flowers; your customers will be surprised by its beauty.

Click here to visit our Pinterest mood board for more flower varieties in this colour tone, as well as great idea incorporating this colour into your arrangements! All the flowers in this post are available on our website.

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