One of the prettiest summer focal flowers is the Dahlia.

The broad palette of colours, various shapes and textures make this flower a very versatile flower variety for any kind of floral design. You can learn more about Dahlia’s background, varieties and care tips on our product blog. We have also provided a comparison graph below to show you the difference in colour, shape and petal formation between the varieties available at the market.

Dahlia Graph.jpg

Dahlia varieties

  1. Pink Magic – With the almost hot pink colour on the outer side of the petals, it looks like it’s on fire.
  2. Orange Fox – This pompon-like Dahlia oozes with summer vibes!
  3. Karma Sangria – With its elongated petals the colour changes from yellow on the inner part, and a gorgeous, coral-like pinkish colour, Karma Sangria is a real eye-catcher.
  4. Netty Yellow – This ball-shaped Dahlia variety has a friendly yellow colour: not too bright, not too pastel. Combines great with many other kinds of yellow flowers, like Eremurus Moneymaker, Sunflower Sunrich Orange and Solidago Golden Glory!
  5. Mister Fran – The bright orange colour of this Dahlia variety makes this a perfect summer flower.
  6. Light Wizard – The pure white of Light Wizard will add a touch of elegance to every summer wedding bouquet.
  7. Daisy Duke – Daisy Dukes colour makes us think of sunset on a sultry summer evening.
  8. Black Fox – Black Fox has a deep Bordeaux red colour and fits perfectly into bohemian floral designs.
  9. Maarten Zwaan – This lovely white Dahlia is a classic one: the familiar flower head shape will appeal to everyone. Truly one of our favourite Dahlia varieties!
  10. Red Runner – Going for an all-out floral summer design, that will burst of colour? Red Runner cannot be missed; the bright red flower will definitely set the tone.
  11. Ball Wizard of Oz – Another classic that literally fits into almost any floral summer design: Wizard of Oz. The accessible pink colour combined with the friendly pompon shape will make sure any customers will like this flower.
  12. Sebastian – Sebastian is also great to use in boho-spirited floral designs: the pale orangy coral colour lets this focal flower really stands out.

To conclude all the different varieties, you will be able to find on the website here to purchase and plan for an upcoming event or wedding.


Inspiration is available in all shapes and sizes (similar to the Dahlia!) Find a selection of different photographs from Pinterest on how florists and flower arrangers have used Dahlia’s in flower arrangements for centrepieces, wedding and event designs.

Autumn bridal bouquet with persimmon and orange dahlias, air plants, and succulents. Grown and designed by Love 'n Fresh Flowers.


dahlia and sweet roses summer wedding bouquets


dahlia and roses bouquet - photo by Alex Lasota


fall coral flowers | The bride carried an orange and coral bouquet of dahlias, calla lilies ...

Stunning bridesmaid bouquet of gorgeous dahlias, ranunculus and pieris japonica ~ we ❤ this!


To conclude, find more inspiration on floral designs, visit our Pinterest board here.

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