A Beautiful Era

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A Beautiful Era

This week’s bouquet is simply luxurious with a luscious fragrance from the Garden Roses. Harriet and Sebastian tied the knot in July at Helmingham Hall,  a wedding entitled ‘La Belle Epoque‘ – a beautiful era (find the full wedding photographs here) . The wedding was filled with spectacular views, art deco and hanging ladders overflowing with copious flowers! Below view the photographs of the Harriet’s bouquet and the ingredients.


Ingredients: Peony Sarah Bernhardt, Garden Rose White O’Hara, Hydrangea Schneeball and Garden Rose Pink O’hara.



For more information on the flowers used for the wedding, please comment below or call us on 01394 385 832 to speak to our in-house florists! OR visit our website for a whole range of beautiful fresh flowers at wholesale prices – www.trianglenursery.co.uk/fresh-flowers

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5 thoughts on “Eye-Catching Blue Flowers

  1. Wow, bachelor buttons are not often seen anymore. There is an anemone in there too, blooming at the same time as agapanthus! . . . or is tha agapanthus blooming at the same time as the anemone?

      1. Agapanthus are still one of my favorite perennials, even though they are stigmatized as common. I still grow pieces of my first that I got back when I was in junior high school. Because I do not grow them for cut flower crops, they are not scheduled. They bloom naturally in time for the Fourth of July.

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