What do you think of when I say winter weddings? They are magical, enchanting and utterly romantic, but there are inevitably a few issues that go hand in hand with weddings held later in the year.

If you’re having a winter wedding, don’t panic as they are all rather small, and totally avoidable problems if prepped beforehand. Today, I’ve gathered 10 simple top tips and tricks, so keep reading….

1 – Invest in winter accessories, warm under-garments and stylish winter footwear

With winter, brings the chilly cold and the rain. It will be cold so accessories will be important to keep you warm, a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or chic cardie are all good options. If you are wearing a long dress, have you consider thick tights? Why not, nobody will know! This goes for your bridesmaids too. Then, there is the footwear – consider the venue, where will you actually be walking? The photographs? If it is likely to rain, or the ground is uneasy, maybe consider boots, a stylish and practical bridal shoe for winter weddings.

2 – Indulge in glitter 

Winter is a great time to sparkle – add some glitter and sparkles to your wedding to make it pop. You can’t get more festive than your bridesmaids, your decor or even your food in glitter. Sequin or glitter dresses are always easy to find come winter, plus they look wonderful in photos.

3 – Allow extra travel time 

In the winter, bad weather is inevitable and this ultimately leads to bad traffic. So, remember to give extra time for travel to the ceremony – no matter how near or far you are going.

4 – One Wedding, One Venue

If possible, have your ceremony and reception at one venue, or venues that are very near to each other. This will make transport easier in case of bad weather!

5 – Winter Wedding Colours 

From rich, warm tones of berry red, black and gold, rose gold to clean whites. Add extra wintry romance with lots of natural greenery, or even a hint of tartan. Colours add warmth and character to the venue.

6 – Winter Wedding Flowers 

Double check your flowers. There is nothing worse than finding out too late that a particular flower that you have set your heart on will not be available for your wedding. Using online resources from flower guides, to getting an estimate, these all aid your floral decisions on cost and seasonality of the flowers. Add natural greeenery, green nordman, conifer into your arrangements for a wintry, Christmas feel.

7 – Add romance with candles or lights 

Fill your venue, the ceremony and reception with romantic candle lights (chapel or even LED candles if your venue does not allow a naked flame!) or fairy lights. Don’t forget it will be dark quite early…

8 – Keep your guests warm 

Make an effort to ensure your guests are kept warm and cheery once they arrive and throughout the night. From a hot drink on arrival to a basket of blankets ‘To have and to hold in case you get cold’… A nice, simple idea.

9 – Wintry Wedding Favours

Choose your wedding favours wisely. From blankets, pashminas, sparklers, mulled wine, candy canes, bottles of baileys to cookies.

10 – Coat & Umbrella Check 

Make sure someone is in charge of taking coats, and umbrellas at your reception and making sure they’re kept safe.


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