Decorate your home, office or window display with Floral Pumpkins this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, we have put together some spook-tacular ideas that will be sure to WOW your guests and brighten your home this year. From quirky gourds, fluorescent glow in the dark roses, to rich colour palettes, Triangle Nursery’s website is packed to the brim.

final image step-by-step floral pumpkin

Here is a simple Step by Step Guide to creating your DIY Floral Pumpkin as a centre piece or display in your home, office or window display. You will need the following ingredients:


step 1.png
Step 1: Start by preparing your pumpkin – using a florist knife, cut around the top of the pumpkin to create a circular shape. Remove the disk via the stalk.

step 1.5.png        step 2.png

Please ensure if children partake in this activity, they are under adult supervision. 

Step 2: Remove the seeds, fibrous strands, and pulp inside of pumpkins with a spoon or your hand.
step 3.png
Step 3: Make sure your plastic container sits well in the pumpkin – you may need to trim it if it does not sit well.

Top Tip: Depending on how long you anticipate to have / use your table display, will depend on whether you need to use a plastic container. If you only anticipate to use it for one day, then you will not need to use a plastic container. If you are using it for a longer period, I would recommend to use the plastic container. 

step 3.5.png
In this demonstration, we have used a square round dish, but you could also use a ramp side dish.
step 4.png
Step 4: Soak the floral foam, position into your plastic container and secure with anchor tape (as shown below).

Step 4.5.png

Top Tip: To reduce the surface area covered by the anchor tape, half the anchor tape that is positioned in the centre of the floral foam using the edges to secure the plastic container. 

step 5.png
Step 5: Base the arrangement with your choice of greenery. Here we have chosen Oak Leaves Dyed Red. Using your scissors, cut into shorter pieces and begin to position in the floral foam.

step 6.png

Step 5.5.png

Step 7.png
Step 7: Add your intermediate flowers in the arrangement. Here we have Crocosmia Orange.

Step 7.5.png

Step 8.png
Step 8: Add your filler flowers. Here we have used Physalis Chinese Lanterns for height and shape. Cut the stems into short pieces and positioning it into the floral foam to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Due to the size of the Physalis, it is positioned quite low and using shorter stem lengths in the arrangement to create recession.

Step 9.png
Step 9: Add the focal flowers. Here we are using Gerbera Acapulco, a toned toned yellow colour. You will need to wire the Gerbera head using Green Stub Wire as shown

Top Tip: The stem of the Gerberas are wired to strengthen the wire. 

Step 10.png
Step 10: Cut the Gerbera stem to size and position into the floral foam.
Step 11: To finish your arrangement, fill any gaps in with your foliage of choice, foraged items or small gourds (as shown above). The gourd is positioned using a plant stick into the floral foam.

The arrangement can be finished by placing the lid at the base of the pumpkin or wired into the arrangement to create a statement! Whichever you decide, this arrangement is sure to WOW your guests, whether it be at a dinner party, passers by from your window display or at a wedding reception!

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