Happy Fri-yay! We have written an apt How to based on an autumnal arrangement for you to enjoy on your commute home.

Whether you are looking to decorate your home to brighten your home this October or in preparation for Halloween, we are here to inspire, assist and give you something to enjoy! This arrangement truly captures the essence of autumn, combining a rich colour palette with foraged, dried & artificial items.

View our Step-by-Step How to Guide below on How to Create an Autumnal, Burgundy arrangement this season…

Step 1: Prepare your Flowers and Sundries before you start the arrangement. See below for your ingredients list for this arrangement.
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Step 2: Soak the floral foam in water until fully soaked. Use the anchor tape (pot tape) to secure the foam in place in the container (i.e. the basket).


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Step 3: Firstly, using the ivy (or an alternative greenery of choice) wrap it around the basket handle, ensuring the stem is inserted into the floral foam.
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Step 4: To add height to the arrangement, we are using Gladioli. Cut to height, taking any foliage off the stem and position in the centre of the floral foam.
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Continue to add your stems of Gladioli. Here we have used only 3 stems – working in relation to the size of the arrangement.
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Step 5: Now we have positioned in the Gladioli, we have continued to create a base with your choice of foliage
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Continue to add your choice of foliage – differing colours & textures
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Step 6: Add your focal flowers, here we have Rose Miraculous. Positioning them in the centre and creating a zig zag down the arrangement
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Step 7: Add your intermediate flowers. Here, we have both the Germini Black Tie and Dahlia Red Fox

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Step 8: To fill out the arrangement, we have added artificial, dried and foraged items.
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Step 9: & finally add the rest of your filler flowers, Hydrangea Classic Burgundy & Green and Hypericum berries to compliment the roses.

All of the fresh flowers and jam jars are sourced from Triangle Nursery, to visit click here.

If you have any questions on the type of flowers used, quantity or other questions you have, please do not hesitate to comment below or contact us on 01394 385 832.


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