This week’s bouquet features the work of Rebecca Avery Flowers in Chelmsford, Essex.

An apt bouquet for this season, capturing the essence of autumn with it’s rich colour palette and loose style. See below to view just some of the fabulous flowers that were used in this brides bouquet…

Florist: Rebecca Avery // Photography: Kathryn Hopkins


Dahlia Cafe Au Lait


Rose Caramel Antike

Amaranthus Red (Upright), Hot Biscuits and Yearning Desert Cream

Eucalyptus Baby Blue, Cinerea and Robusta (short)

Chrysanthemum Spray Bartoli

Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Salmon

Waxflower Guy

Olive Branches

Rose Wild Look


Florist: Rebecca Avery // Photography: Kathryn Hopkins
Florist: Rebecca Avery // Photography: Kathryn Hopkins

Rebecca Avery, inspired by the colour and texture of our ever changing seasons, created these beautiful arrangements for Faye and Eddie’s Wedding Day using flowers from Triangle Nursery. Below take a sneak peak at the gold geometric centre pieces.

Sneak Peak at the Table Centres // Florist: Rebecca Avery // Photography: Kathryn Hopkins

For more Real Weddings and Floristry by Rebecca Avery Flowers, visit the webpage at

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Photography by Kathryn Hopkins Photography, based in Suffolk / Essex. She is known for her delicate, romantic, and timeless photography, which has a pretty editorial feel. Visit the webpage at


For us, this is a perfect opportunity to help & inspire you for your upcoming events; identifying flower varieties that will work well with your colour scheme and the type of arrangements you would like to create, along with knowledge on how many stems to use and help you any other questions you may have along your flower journey.


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