Are you suffering from a sleepless nights? Here are some solutions to consider, simpler, greener and being more connected with nature! 

The following flowers and plants are suggested for a better nights sleep and they look great on your nightstand too!

Before we start, we will be sharing information on how flowers can impact your mental health and wellbeing this week (10th-16th May), along with interesting and fun tutorials. Find our demonstration here for how flowers help you sleep creating a beautiful contemporary style arrangement in soothing lavender tones. Explore now


Researchers have now shown how potent lavender is when used as a natural remedy to help aid sleep and today, this is one of the more common uses with lavender turning up in  night-time beauty products, pillow mists and home fragrances. Lavender is a heady, purple flower that blooms at its bet in sunny and open spaces. Fresh lavender is seasonal, but can be found in dried and preserved.

Lavender can help you to sleep betterSleep specialist, Richard Jolie suggests that: “Rather than directly affecting the quality of sleep itself, research has shown the key effects of herbal fragrances like lavender to help reduce stress levels thereby relaxing people enough for them to sleep much better.”


Jasmine can add sleep and mental health

Similar to lavender, Jasmine is an essential oil derived from the fragrant flower of the jasmine shrub. Jasmine is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Lowering the heart rate, it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, encourage peacefulness and allow us to sleep more. 


Gerbera Plant

The first of the plants, the Gerbera plant is said to improve air quality in your bedroom environment. It releases small amounts of oxygen throughout the night whilst it absorbs CO2. Allowing you to enjoy a better night’s rest by breathing in fresh and clean air. Not forgetting the plants are available in a beautiful array of  colours that will cheer up any bedroom and suit any decor. 

Snake Plant 

Another plant that can help improve your sleep is the Snake Plant. Not only is it super easy to care for, but it helps to purify the air and absorb any toxic substances. Snake Plants ensure the release of oxygen at night (instead of during the day), which helps against sleeplessness.

Peace Lily 

Peace Lily Health Benefits Finally, the Spathiphyllum or better known as the Peacy Lily is a natural air purifier. As a result, it filters harmful substances like benzene and ethyl chloride out of the air. This plant is a suitable gift for people with allergies and it helps you to breathe better while you’re sleeping.

Do you have any plants or flowers in your home? If you are struggling with sleep, place the above fresh (or dried) flowers and plants on your bedside cabinet and see how you get on! Hopefully you should start to see some improvements! Nature is not a luxury, it is a resource that should be enjoyed and admired by everyone. Use the power of flowers and nature wisely. 

For more information on Mental Health Awareness Week and the Mental health Foundation, click here


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