Yes, we are now selling moss balls! This new product has been lapped up by customers this month. Find our step-by-step tutorial on how you can incorporate moss balls at Christmas or for an up and coming event, along with more ideas! 

Moss balls have become increasingly popular as a form of decoration in a planter or for hanging in homes, work spaces and for gifts. Over the course of November, we have explored different types of moss available on the market and how it can be used in different types of floral designs (find videos here).

Bring the outdoors in and go with green on green monochromatic look for your Christmas tree decor or even on a white Christmas tree (snow covered). This alternative bauble saves time, long-lasting, eco friendly and even beneficial for your home environment.

Corylus Tree with Moss

Discover our demonstration on how you can use the moss balls this Christmas for an alternative look or in a centrepiece for an enchanted woodland theme.



You can find all of the ingredients for the recipe on our website here

Other Designs

Credit Bella Tucker via Pinterest

Credit: Bella Tucker 

Credit: Preserved Plants USA

Credit: Preserved Plants USA

Credit: Canhonovaland

Credit: Canhonovaland

Inspired? Discover our entire range of moss available on the website including the new moss balls in varying sizes from 8cm to 20cm!


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