There are a few simple changes around the home to help you boost the value of your property and speed up a sale. 

Prospective buyers can form an opinion on your house within the first seconds of stepping into the front door. This means it is paramount to make a good first impression when you are trying to sell the home. This is where home staging comes in! What more, according to research carried out by Mattress Online, houses typically sell faster when they have been home staged! 

What is home staging? 

Staging a home is simply the preparing and decorating of a house in a way that will make it the most appealing to your potential buyers. Below are some tips on ways to stage and style your home: 

1. Remove all the clutter 

Rule number 1, get rid of the clutter! Whether you neatly hide it out of sight or throw it away. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free, while cupboards should be organised in case anyone starts peeking! That includes the shelves. Shelves, and how they are arranged have been a trend this year, especially on instagram. Avoid overfilling the shelves, it’s a great place to add indoors plants, candles, a few books and fresh flowers

2. Refresh the walls 

Not essential, but making sure that the walls are clean with no scrapes or marks. Bright colours and wacky wallpaper are not for everyone! Go for warm, sophisicated neutral palette that make a home look well together. 

3. Make your home look perfect but lived in 

Confused? We know it sounds like we are telling you to turn your home into a show house, but it is also important to show to potential buyers that it is lived in and they can see its potential as their home. Nice touches such as fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit and indoors plants. 

Visit your local florist, supermarket or online wholesalers for a fresh bunch of flowers, forage foliage or blooms from your garden, display an indoor plant or even a dried flower bunch! Dried flowers are currently a huge trend that is continuing to shine this 2021, so well worth a look! Long lasting, fuss free and low maintenance, what could be better! 

Foraging, Flowers & Fragrance

4. Consider decorations 

Use mirrors to make rooms appear bigger, and hang artwork. Remove any personal photographs – you want the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. 

You can also display candles and add air freshners which will in turn help to banish any bad odours and make your home smell fresher for longer. 

5. Leave your doors open 

Make your prospective buyers feel welcome and invited to wander around the home freely. Ensure the main selling points of each room can be seen from the doorway. 


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