Whether you love a real Christmas tree or you prefer an artificial one, there is no doubt that a home just isn’t ready for the festive season without some kind of decorated tree. Usually festooned with lights, tinsel and hanging decorations, dressing the tree can be one of the most enjoyable traditions for this time of year.

Yet with 2020 being such a topsy turvy year, it may not surprise you to find that even Christmas trees have had something of a shakeup. The big trend for Christmas 2020 is the succulent Christmas tree. These trees may be small, but what they lack in stature, they more than make up for in wow factor, so if you’re looking for something different this year, the succulent might be your best bet.

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What are Succulent Christmas Trees?

A succulent is type of plant that can store water in its own leaves. These leaves aren’t what you would find on a standard plant or tree, though; they are fleshy and thick, although it depends on which type of succulent you are looking at as to just how thick those leaves are going to be (some are much bigger than others, although they are still only small plants relatively speaking). Examples of succulents include varieties of Aloe, Echeveria and Haworthia. They are all unique in their own way, but once you understand what a succulent looks like, they should be easy to identify.

What are the Benefits of a Succulent Christmas Tree?

The question is, what does a succulent Christmas tree bring to the festivities? What are the benefits of having one over and above a regular spruce or fir?

One of the benefits is the size. A succulent Christmas tree is small, much smaller than the five or six-foot tree you would have otherwise. Succulents are usually around one to two feet tall, perhaps even smaller in some cases. So, if you don’t have a lot of room, they are ideal – you can still decorate for Christmas, but you won’t have a tree taking up all your space.

Succulents need very little water. Although you do still need to water them occasionally, they can survive for long periods with barely any water at all, so if you’re away over Christmas it’s the ideal solution. Plus, because they don’t have needles, they won’t make a mess by dropping all over the floor.

What Next? 

You can’t fail to love, or at least be intrigued by, the idea of having a succulent Christmas tree this year. 2020 has been challenging so why not add a little levity and difference to your festive décor.

Even better, you can make one yourself! Triangle nursery are delighted to announce that they will be offering Succulent Christmas Tree kits. So, watch this space for more information coming very soon!


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