Over the course of the past year, we have seen a huge boost in popularity for dried flowers for home decor, wedding and event work. Dried flowers are fuss-free, long lasting and don’t require any maintenance, what’s not to like?

Unlike faux or artificial stems, dried flowers are 100% natural, biodegrabable and last for years with the proper care, making them a much less wasteful option. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, exploring dried is a pretty good option for you.

Dried Flowers

We have a wide range of dried products available to purchase on our website, including our new Mystery Box range.

Cortaderia Pampas Grass Bleached

Pampas Grass

Dried - Phalaris

Phalaris, along with Oats, Barley and Wheat

Dried - Poppy Heads On Stems

Poppy Heads

Gossypium Cotton - 9 Buds

Gossypium Cotton

Gypsophila Seed Natural (Dried)


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Zero Waste Dried Garden Roses

The Parfum Flower Company have been testing dried garden roses to create as little waste as possible. All of the roses that are dried are left overs at the end of the week and not imported for the purpose of drying them. Their mission is to make the world a better place, enjoying their roses for as long as possible.

Excitingly, we are looking to include these beautiful roses in our Mystery Boxes.

How to care for dried flowers

Looking after dried flowers is quite simple. Keeping them out of direct sunlight is advised to preserve the colouring and don’t get them wet! Preserved blooms may look fresh, but they will suffer significantly (i.e. mould) if placed in a vase of water.

How to dry your own flowers at home

If you would prefer to dry your own flowers at home, instead of purchasing them online or at your local store, this is an option and it’s quite straightforward. Cluster a number of stems and store upside down in a dry area in your home out of the sunlight. Keep the bunch size relatively small and drying can take up to 10 days. Popular flowers to dry include hydrangea, lavender, eucalyptus and even seed heads.

Preserved flowers and greenery

If you are not a huge fan of the dried flower appearance, you might want to consider preserved flowers and greenery. This option is essentially dried flowers where the sap has been replaced with glycerine, giving you a fresh appearance with flexible stems, leaves and petals. With the correct attention, this can last for a year or even longer, after which the flowers will gradually dry.

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