This year’s mental health awareness week launched this week, with people encouraged to celebrate kindness. The theme of the national initiative, which is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and is now in its 20th year, is that kindness matters – especially in the current pandemic.

In today’s blog, we are sharing just some flowery ideas that can help you staying positive through this challenging time whether it be through kindness to others, stepping out into nature or learning a new skill. We know that it is not always easy to stay upbeat and optimistic, but a positive mindset is key, it doesn’t always solve life problems but it can help!

Act of kindness

Do an act of kindness, small or large. Known as the “helpers halo” effect;  by doing something good, it makes you feel good. A small gesture can say a thousand words. To add a floral flare, make up small bunches of flowers from your garden or a local market, and leave on doorsteps, on cars or in a random parts of your town or village with an uplifting message. 

For mental health awareness week, people are sharing their stories and photographs of kindess using the hashtags #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. Have a look? You might be inspired!

Take in Nature

Use your daily exercise wisely (abiding by the guidelines of course!) When you are out for your walk, stop and smell the flowers. Lilac is in full bloom at the moment and smells wonderful. Take time to admire the different shades of green that Mother Nature has created. Stop and admire the wild flowers and the abundance of colour. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. This helps to reset the balance. Listen to the birds singing, and immerse yourself in the joy of being outside.

Another great idea for your daily walks, and this one is for the kids! Take a colour chart with you on your walk and find flowers and greenery in all of the different colours to complete your chart! Such a fun activity and keeps them entertained for at least an hour (idea on Instagram!)

Colour Chart with Flowers

Spread smiles

If you are in the trade, it is the perfect time to revisit past floral events and designs. The funny, the amazing, the memorable… reminisce with your friends, your colleagues and look back at photographs!

Write a letter or card reminding them how valuable their input was, and what fun memories you have, and are looking forward to making more in the future.

Bring the Outdoors In

This is firm favourite, our houses have been filled with blooms during lockdown! Whether you are looking to buy online, from your local market or collect a few from your garden, flowers are perfect way to bring nature indoors and decorate your home

Just adding a few flowers to your dining table, can make your evening meal seem special. Place an arrangement in your front window, so anyone delivering can see something inviting as they walk up your path. You could add a little Thank you note beside the flowers to show them they are appreciated.

The health benefits of adorning your home with frest cut flowers are most definitely worth splurging on the blossoms for yourself! From boosting your energy, chasing away anxieties and more, refer to our previous blog here to find out.

Learn Something New

Learn something new, from a fiddely skill, a floral design or technique and do it at your own pace. During lockdown, there is an element of expectation that we have ‘more time’ to do those things you have been unable to complete, learn those skills you haven’t had the chance to and so on. BUT don’t feel pressured, do it at your own speed and if you really want to.

There are so many tutorials on learning new skills on Youtube and also our website. If you are working with fresh flowers, you can always give it away to a neighbour or friend as a small act of kindness afterwards!

If you would prefer not to work with flowers or don’t have access to them, why not try making artificial ones using felt, fabric, coloured paper or tissue paper. You could fix these to fresh branches or twigs, and create blossom trees….perfect for this season.



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