Are you having a street party (abiding by social distancing rules) today? Or are you celebrating in your back garden in this glorious weather? If so, we have a quick and simple how to guide to add to the decorations using florals from your back garden or your local shop! Flowers add colour and interest to every occasion.

Step 1

Start by gathering your ingredients. You will need a random selection of vases, containers or jam jars, ribbons and glue gun / sticky tape (if you are going to decorate them), scissors and flowers / greenery.

Step 2

Decorate the vases

Step 3

Fill your vases with a selection of flowers and greenery randomly and add to your table, around the house, in your front garden or gift to your neighbours to celebrate this day.

You can also add flags to the containers!

Thank you for reading today’s blog on how to make your own celebration jam jars. Why not have a go yourselves? It really is that simple! Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more ideas on how you can explore new techniques to expand your floral skill set using accessible materials in your home, your fridge and your garden! Like us, comment in the box below and share our ideas with family and flower lovers!


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