As a family business, it has taken some time for us all to fully digest and understand what is happening in our world right now, as I am sure many of you are in the same boat! Trying to wrap our heads around the impact, both good and bad, this global pandemic has had and is having on so many people and the industries.

Just like many industries, the floriculture sector is taking a huge hit. With no events, there is no demand, and the reality is, the flower farms were not ready for the sudden epidemic. The flowers have already been grown, and in some cases had already been bunched and shipped. The decline in sales has put flower growers and the distribution centres directly in the path of economic turmoil coming out of the pandemic.

Every day, over 20 million flowers and decorative plants are traded at the Aaslmeer auction, one of the busiest flower markets in the world. In particular, it’s Tulip season in the Netherlands, approaching Mothers Day internationally and Royal FloraHolland have said that between 70 and 80 percent of the Netherlands’ total annual production of flowers are being destroyed, in unprecedented scenes as the coronavirus pandemic has cut demand. This crisis has come at the worst time in the year for tulip and other growers.

With Mother’s Day approaching it would normally be the moment for millions to ‘say it with flowers’ – but the virus has put paid to that. (AFP pic)

Royal Flora Holland have launched multiple campaigns, including #BuyFlowersNotToiletPaper on instagram and the most recent launched on 27th March, ‘Let hope bloom’ to promote the industry and maintain consumers’ interest in flowers in a positive and appropriate way.


We truly believe that we are going to get through this together. Throughout our history, we have been faced with many struggles and as a race, we are strong and united. This campaign is close to all of our hearts, it is not only our livelihoods but it is our passion.

In line with UK Government’s announcement on Monday 23rd March, our online company is temporarily closed, but our staff are now working remotely. This difficult decision has not been taken lightly, but rest assured, as a company established over four generations ago, we are well placed to resume trading when restrictions are lifted. Despite the webshop and office being closed, the support and guidance will continue online. We’ll engage with our colleagues, customers and followers on social media channels, providing inspirational videos and content. You will also be able to continue to browse and utilise our free resources on the website including Help & Advice, Flower Guides, Care Guides and an extensive library of tutorials to keep you busy whilst in lockdown.

Please see our statement regarding COVID-19. Our online webshop is temporarily closed for two main reasons, first and foremost, the health and safety of our amazing staff at Triangle Nursery in our distribution centre and the second, all courier companies are currently struggling with the high volume of parcels that are being sent on a daily basis due to an increase of online sales. Although a difficult decision, we feel that as a non-essential product (not food, medicine), we should not add to the situation ensuring that all essentials items are delivered on time and for those in need.

We are beyond grateful for Triangle Nursery team, for all of our customers for your continued support and messages, the small businesses that are enduring the same challenges and to the first responders, the nurses and doctors that are working tirelessly to help vulnerable people and those in distress.

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