This March, our team have been inspired by the unique and mediative birth colour, Fair Aqua. We have explored a huge range of beautiful flower varieties that incorporate tones and hues of the colour into different styles of arrangements from weddings, funerals to home deccor.

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Across the course of the month, we are creating how to guides relevant to the colour Fair Aqua in 5 different areas of floral design (1) Weddings (2) Funeral (3) Home Decor (4) Corporate and finally (5) Simple Vase Design. Discover our top 3 designs that we made in March below…

Fair Aqua-inpsired Table Arrangement

A sustainable, eco-friendly wedding table arrangement in a neutral colour palette. Soft and elegant hues incorporating Hydrangea, Eucalyptus and Roses that are all popular year round. Instead of using floral foam, Holly chapples were used, they are becoming a florist staple in 2020 for being re-useable and supportive for all types of floral design.

Watch the full version on how to create this design.

Colorstrology Series for Triangle Nursery Ltd

Fair Aqua-Inspired Funeral Tribute

Bespoke sympathy tributes are chosen to represent the life and character of the deceased. Individually designed for a truly unique send off, sharing their loves, passions and personality.

This tribute is a small dolphin created using a floral foam with double white chrysanthemums and spray paint in the colour palette.

Watch the full version on how to create the tribute here.

Fair Aqua-Inspired Planted Letter for Corporate Branding or Wedding Initials

Low maintenance, long lasting and lots of fun in the making! This design is fun, creative and playful, spelling out a corporate brand, message or even your initials at a wedding! Incorporate moss, plants, air plants into your design! Also a great way to re-use plastic lettering or pots lying around!

Watch the full version on how to make your own.

Colorstrology Series with Triangle Nursery Ltd

Fair-Aqua-Inspired Hat Box Design with Artificial Eucalyptus and Roses

A beautiful hat box design to style your home for decor, give as a gift or even for an event. Incorporating preserved roses and artificial eucalyptus, this is a really simple and quick way!

Watch our full version on how to make your own.

Colorstrology Series with Triangle Nursery Ltd

Stay tuned for next month’s birth colour in April to keep you entertained and informed during the lockdown. We have more exciting flower varieties and content planned for you in April and across the year!


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