Christmas is such a magical time of year, social gatherings, craft workshops and decorations. Sometimes however Christmas can be a little more stressful than planned with last-minute plans, over-indulgent meals and frantic gift buying! Why not, step back from the chaos and enjoy the season for what it should be – creative and a chance to see your family and friends!

1. Christmas Wreaths

Start by hanging a Christmas wreath. This could be the most obvious Christmas decor that you will see people hanging on their doors at the end of November or December. A popular social gathering throughout November and December is wreath workshops – trust me, they are everywhere organised by florists, flower clubs, charities and wholesalers! You are bound to find one in your local area.

If you choose to make your own Christmas wreath, you can make it to match your Christmas decor and to suit your own style and tastes! Wreaths can be modern, rustic, natural, contemporary, traditional, the list is endless.

How to Guides and Inspiration with Triangle Nursery

How to Guides and Inspiration with Triangle Nursery

2. Christmas Garlands

Not an essential part of the decor, but a simple garland can be effective in any space. Whether you create a grand garland with all the trimmings (dried fruits, pine cones, lotus heads and twinkly lights), a simple greenery garland with lights or candles or an artificial, it brings festive cheer!

3. Branch out

For such a beautifully festive aesthetic in your home or office space, this look is unbelievably easy to create using branches, ilex berries and gossypium cotton. Arrange them in a heavy base vsae and decorate with simple, white decorations or to match your decor. Do keep them light, though – heavy ornaments could tip over the arragnement!

How to Guides and Inspiration by Triangle Nursery

How to Guides and Inspiration by Triangle Nursery

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Credit: Digs Digs

Find Christmas accessories and ideas here on making your own Christmas decorations with Triangle Nursery.

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