Berry pink, a fresher version of burgundy is becoming popular for weddings and events this year. This colour works well at any point in the year and much like burgundy, your colour options and combinations are endless when it comes to flowers and decorating the venue.

How to Demonstrations and Flower Guides with Traingle Nursery

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How to Demonstrations and Flower Guides with Triangle Nursery

Flower Guides and How to Demonstrations with Triangle Nursery

Credit – Hellomay via Jonathon Ong Photography 

Flower Guides and How to Demos with Triangle Nursery

Credit – HelloWeddingLady via Peaches and Mint Photography 

Flower Suggestions

Berry Pink

For more ideas to suit your colour scheme, visit the website and view the Flower Suggetions for pink and other colour schemes.


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  1. What unconventional choices. Hawthorn is uncommon here. California pepper tree, Schinus molle, used to be more common, but I do not think of the berries as being useful for floral design like they are here.

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