Moss has become popular for corporate living walls, home decor and styling weddings and events in recent years for creating a rustic and natural feel.

Moss is available on our website in fresh, dried and preserved. Moss are distinctive small flowerless plants that typically form in dense green mats or clumps, in damp or shady locations.

Mosses play a huge ecological role, absorbing huge quantities of water, create a locally humid environment, are home to creatures – invertebrates and include species like woodlice and slugs. It also filters out particulate matter, absorb CO2 and remove soot, dirt, and other pollutants.

Popular types of moss are carpet (flat) moss, cushion (bun) moss, natural english moss, peat moss and reindeer moss.


Decorating with moss, fresh or dried is simple, budget-friendly and can instantly transform a venue bringing the outdoors inside. Moss works well when used as part of the table centrepiece, place settings, table runners or even hanging installation. Use container pants, bulbs, corylus branches and tealights to create a romantic and whimsical feel.

Moss is very versatile, it’s easy to use and there are number of different ways to incorporate into a wedding or special events. Discover one of our latest videos of how you can incorporate into a table centrepiece with greenery, branches and cushion moss.

Japanese Gardens

Moss is one of the key elements for a Japanese Garden. A shady area in the garden, with no flowers or shrubs thrive is typically a perfect spot for a moss garden. Instead of getting rid of moss, take care of it and nurture it!

The most famous Japanese garden can be seen in Japan where the monk Musō Soseki’s famous moss garden is located outside of Kyoto. Also known as Kokedera built in the 1300s. It is a pure moss garden and consists of hundreds different mosses with trees as the only accent. Discover here

Japanese gardens are made for relaxatin and meditation. It is certainly a place we all need now and then in our busy lifestyles!

Living walls

Living walls and vertical gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people have opened up to the idea to creating tbeir own versions in their homes, as well as in corporate offices and urban cities, green thumb or not. Low maintenance, ecological and calming, mindful benefits, living walls never looked—or felt—so good.

Living Walls in Corporate Office or Home Decor (Skanska)

In 2018, London installed a vertical installation, which doubles as a bench, is Green City Solutions‘ City Tree. Created solely in moss, the bench absorb as much pollution as 275 trees in 1 percent of space. The bench is also installed in other cities in Europe and Asia.

Introduction to Moss into Urban Landscapes

Credit: Forbes

The bench is approximately 13ft high and can hold up to 1,682 pots of moss, planted in the vertical garden. The moss acts to filter out particulate matter, absorb CO2 and remove soot, dirt, and other pollutants (link).


A terrarium is a fun and easy way to incorporate plants into your decor with minimal maintenance. It is kept for a decorative purposes and is the perfect gift as an original Christmas gift or housewarming present.

How to Demos and Flower Guides with Triangle Nursery

Stay tuned a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a simple terrarium, along with much more interesting ways to incorporate moss for weddings, special events and home decor on our Youtube channel.

Inspired? To buy moss to unleash your creativity with moss, visit our website online.


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