Dried flowers are becoming a popular design for home interiors, favouring open, minimalist spaces, where plants and flowers create a natural contrast and become the focal point. Instantly enhancing any environment, long lasting and best of all, low maintenance!

There is much more available than you might have considered aside from Pampas Grass (on our recent post). Discover other flowers or foliage that are popular for home styling below:

Gossypium Cotton

Evoke the beauty of winter landscape, the frost and snow with gossypium. Simply add to a vase in your hallway, living room or bedroom to add a cosy feel. Find here

It All Started with Paint

Credit: It all Started with Paint via Pinterest 

Poppy Seed Heads

Adding to a simple vase or incorporating into your Christmas door wreath this season, poppy seed heads are perfect to add a neutral palette, character and texture to any design. Find here

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There is nothing shy about the Hydrangea. Although considered an expensive outlay initially, hydrangea are the perfect flower as you can enjoy whilst fresh and then you can dry them and enjoy them for even longer! The large heads also mean that one, two to three stems is all that is required for a vase! Find here (Top tip #1: purchase in season to keep your costs down!) 

Sourced on The Golden Sycamore via Pinterest

Credit: The Golden Sycamore via Pinterest 

Top tip #2You can simply hang your hydrangea blossoms upside down, by their stems tying together with an elastic band.


Eucalyptus is loved all over the world for the aroma, colour and shape. Add a bunch of this to your vase in your living room, hallway or even your bathroom. If you want it to last longer, consider buying preserved or dried! Find here

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Credit: katyebh via Pinterest

Wheat, Barley or Physalis

Earthy, warm colour hues against a clean white background. Bring elements of nature into your home with dried wheat, barley and even physalis. Add into a simple vase and style your living environment, especially in Autumn or at Thanksgiving! Find here

Sourced via Pinterest - The Hoppy Home

Credit: The Hoppy Home via Pinterest

Inspired? Discover more options available on our website for styling your home in a minimalist way. Budget friendly, low maintenance and looks great! Find here



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