What’s all the fuss about Pampas Grass? In case you hadn’t noticed, pampas grass is a big trend for 2019 and going forward into the new year. We are seeing it everyone – from interior magazines, photoshoots to weddings. Free-spirited, feathery and ethereal, are just a few words that spring to mind with this ultra trendy grass!

So, we are here to give you a lowdown on we think has provoked this sudden obsession over this fluffy, feathery grass!


Pampas Grass, or otherwise known as Cortaderia is a flowering outdoor plant native to South America, hailing from the Pampas region (hence the name). Reaching heights of as much as three metres, this tall grass creates a striking, architectural look that feels whimsical and silky all at the same time. There are approximately 25 species of Cortaderia. It is typically available from mid September through to January / February, although dried is generally available year round (but, with the current trend it gets snapped up quick!)

Commonly available in a natural, beige colour, it can also be found in different colours such as pale pink or bronze. You can also find it in dyed colours in every colour of the rainbow, from hot pink, orange to royal blue!

Two ways to incorporate Pampas Grass

At home

One of the best things about Pampas Grass is that it is economical. That’s right – the soft, feathery plumes last for years and you won’t need to replace them regularly compared to fresh flowers. You can quite literally stay on trend all year round!

Credit Pampas People (Etsy)

Credit: Pampas People

This dried grass makes a bold statement and acts as a feature to style your home environment. From living spaces, bedrooms to even your bathroom, simply add a few stems grouped together in a tall vase!

As Autumn draws in, embrace the beauty and textures that the season brings creating a circular door wreath with the plumes. You can also do this with other types of grasses such as wheat, barley, phalaris and lunaria (honesty).

At weddings

Pampas grass makes a real statement when used in as part of a wedding. It fits into any theme, from rustic, boho, vintage to modern. The neutral, muted tone pairs beautifully with dusty pinks and provides contrast to eucalyptus and darker shades.

On a budget? If you wedding flowers budget is stretched, pampas grass is the perfect solution. You’ll get lots of pampas grass for money so it’s a great choice for couples on a tight budget but looking for a bold, floral statement! For a delicate, soft look, weave small pieces of pampas grass into your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets or even create a mass bouquet made up of just pampas for a minimalist chic style.

Credit Jill Houser

Credit: Jill Houser via Pinterest

Credit: Samantha Daniels The Kindred Collective via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Credit: Samantha Daniels, The Kindred Collective via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Group stems and place into a mix of containers to decorate the venue or at the end of aisles in the ceremony room. Go big with a jaw-dropping floral ceiling installation or moon gate at the end of the aisle or for a photo backdrop. Totally dreamy.

Credit Photography Green Wedding Shoes

Credit: Green Wedding Shoes – Photography: Anna Roussos

Feeling inspired? Find more ideas on how you can incorporate this decorative grass into your home or wedding over on our Pinterest board. You can find the cut stems available to buy on our website, but be quick – it is only available on first come first serve basis! Or you can simply call us for information or to place an order for delivery


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