In the lead up to Easter, both Easter lilies and calla lilies are the forefront of our minds along with other seasonal flowers. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk to you about lilies, their characteristics, opening times, conditioning and much more.

Flower varieties discussed today include;
Lily longiflorum
Lily Oriental
Lily LA
Lily Asiatic
Lily Roselily 
Calla Lily (Zantedeschia genus)

Additional information:
The cultivation takes between 12 and 15 weeks (summer/winter)
Winter temperature is around 16 degrees, in the summer they try to keep the temperature around 20.

All of the ingredients, flowers, accessories and florist tools, used in the video are sourced from Triangle Nursery. If you require any assistance using the website, you can use the chat facility or contact the office direct on 01394 385 832.


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