This week we have a fantastic combination of textures to share with you! Each flower is unique in shape and form and they all match with each other wonderfully, don’t you think?

This colour scheme is particuarly popular throughout the year, combining muted, pastel shades with contrasting deep colour palettes, whether it be in pinks, purples or another colour palette. Discover what’s in our bowl today…


Flowers used in the Floral Poke Bowl

  1. Scabious Stellata – This seedhead is perfect to add texture and interest to any arrangement. Ideal for rustic, country garden or bohemian styled floral designs.
  2. Carnation Green Trick – Unusual carnation full of character. Ideal to add texture and a pop of colour to your designs. Not your standard carnation!
  3. Sweet Williams Amazon Neon Purple  – Quaint seasonal blooms that are perfect to add a pop of colour to your designs. Take advantage of them whilst in season!
  4. Eustoma Lisianthus Piccolo Violet – Year round flower that is loved for their versatility and shape, ideal to add height to your designs.
  5. Rose Bridal Nude – This soft, muted rose is beautiful to add to a pastel palette with bolder, contrasting colours like burgundy, berry pink and blue.
  6. Tulips Mondial  – Tulips are ever-cheerful flowers! Take advantage of the broad spectrum of colour in season, but can be available year round. Ideal for Spring wedding and events.
  7. Tulips Mysterious Parrot – Parrot tulips are beautiful, unusual and unique blooms ideal for weddings and events.
  8. Statice Blue Birds – A beautiful filler flower to add to your arrangements in a rich purple colour palette (not blue as the name would suggest).
  9. Pussy Willow Dyed Pink – Pussy willow is ideal to use as home decor, interior design, hand-tied gift bouquets and in event flowers. Choose the dyed option to add a pop of colour to your arrangements.
  10. Rose Pink Athena – Pale pink rose that is very popular in recent years for weddings and events in bouquets and arrangements. Nice head size and shape.
  11. Rose Memory Lane – Another rose that is loved for its colour and name in the wedding and event industry; this lilac rose has a hint of pink of the edge of the petals and works beautifully in a pastel colour palette.
  12. Tulips Barcelona – Cerise pink tulip that is sure to add a splash of colour to your designs, whether you are opting for a vibrant colourful theme or pretty in pink, it is suited to both!
  13. Carnation Kino – This bi-coloured carnation is a beautiful colour and shape to add to your designs!
  14. Rose Bounty Way – Another lilac rose that has been very popular in recent years for its colour. Ideal to add a soft pastel lavender tone to your arrangements.
  15. Lily Oriental – Calvados – Lets face it, Oriental lilies are stunning; the large flowers, strong stems and incredible perfume is hard to resist! Decorate your home, style your office or event with these blooms!
  16. Silver Brunia – Looking for a silver accent? Brunia berries are perfect, but they are seasonal, so make sure to double check when they are available? If not, take a look at Dusty Miller as a good alternative.
  17. Germini Whisper – Germini (mini Gerbera) are a long standing bloom that are popular for the everyday work, using in hand tied gift bouquets, wedding and event work! Reliable, versatile and available in a huge range of colours!

For all of the blooms on the blog today, visit our website for more information and for prices. Alternatively, you can get in touch on 01394 385 832 and our team of advisors will be happy to help you with your questions!

Comment below and share what other flowers that you think would work perfectly in this mix of flowers 👇


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