This bouquet has spread-like-wildfire across the internet as it’s organic, loose style is sought after for weddings by brides to be and can you blame them? 

If you are looking for this style, this non-traditional bouquet style might be a great fit for you! Achieving a look such as this is all about creating a balance between the flowers and wispy greenery!

It’s bouquet like this that teach us not to be afraid to play with height and texture! Using greenery with unique textures like asparagus ferns, ruscus or a mix of eucalyptus. When arranging the bouquets, remember to go with the flow and have fun! This style is meant to be naturally loose and organic. Rather than forcing the flowers into a certain shape, allow the flowers to flow freely! Keep reading to discover the recipe and flowers used in the bouquet:


For all of the ingredients used in the blog today, visit our website here.


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