Tropical Leaf Statement Bouquet

Who says your bouquet has to have flowers?! The all-green mix of different textured leaves, makes the perfect statement bouquet. This year is also all about the single-stem bouquets. So why not opt for a sculptural stem, like an oversize tropical leaf such as a Monstera for maximum effect? Discover this spectacular Tropical Bridal Bouquet below filled with monstera leaves, cycas palms and luscious green anthuriums




Cycas Revoluta Palms

Lily Grass


Dracaena Sanderiana White (Lemon Tips)

Anthurium Midori

Monstera Leaves


For all the ingredients for this flower varieties, you can find the recipe on our website – Wholesale Flowers for Everyone.

Love this bouquet? For more Bouquet breakdowns on the blog or on our Pinterest boards page dedicated to ‘Tropical Weddings. If you’ve found a bouquet that you need broken down to try and recreate yourself, just leave a comment with a link to the image and we will do our best to offer some suggestions!

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