If you are looking for an unusual, eye-catching and statement flower, Brassica might be what you are looking. It is part of the Brassicaceae family and used in floral design. The march of the Brassica has started in Japan. Many years of breeding have resulted in an exciting and top selection of Brassica varieties. Also important to know that the new generation does not have the typical kale smell anymore!


Cabbage is associated with birth.

Colours, Shapes, And Availability

The range is broad. The primary colours are white/cream and red/purple, but thanks to dying, the sky’s the limit! Think about pink, gold, black and silver. They are available from July through to February with only the white crane variety being available year-round. The decorative leaves are large and striking with round or pointed shapes.

Design Combinations with Brassica

Use Brassica in any flower arrangement and you know for sure it will grab your guests attention! The flower is popular in Christmas designs and for pure white colour schemes to add a touch of class. You can combine Brassica with red roses, chrysanthemums, hypericum and green Christmas foliage. Alternatively, you can choose a colourful mix with Calla lilies, roses and lisianthus. If you are looking for a wildflower, field look, you can combine delphinium, Tanacetum, aster and Pittosporum. If you dry the Brassica you can even spray them in the colour of your choice and use them in a dry bouquet. The flowers are less fragile and easy in maintenance, so the perfect ‘flower’ with the good qualities of a Kale.

Care Tips

General care tips are applicable to Brassica. You will need to cut the stems with a sharp knife, use lukewarm water and add flower food. Leave overnight before preparing the flowers. You can ensure them for a long time, as well as using them in flower decor. Thanks to breeding the vase life increased a lot!

Top Varieties

White Crane

Image result for covent garden brassica

Crane Queen

Image result for covent garden brassica

Red Crane

Image result for covent garden brassica

Black Leaf

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To conclude, you can find more varieties of Brassica available on the website here. Along with inspiration of designs on our Pinterest board.




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