To spread cheer this January, we have a fabulous selection of blogs, photographs and inspiration to share with you. Starting with this beautiful DIY wedding held in December, 2017. 

The bride, Lara sent us some kind feedback and beautiful photographs that is sure to brighten your day, as much as it did ours! Below, view the selection of flowers used in the bouquets, for the bride and her 11 bridesmaids (yes, I did say 11!).

Lara DIY December Wedding 1

Ingredients for the recipe: 

Eucalyptus Robusta

Gypsophila Bulk Head Large Headed

Rose Burgundy

Rose Atomic

Rose Candlelight

Rose 3D

Calla Lily Mango

Calla Lily Captain Trinity

Calla Lily Red Charm

Skimmia Japonica Rubella

Eryngium Thistle Orion Questar

Lara DIY December Wedding

‘Hello, just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you at Triangle nursery!
I got married a couple of weeks ago and had decided to do ALL the flowers for our wedding myself! So i was truly impressed when my delivery arrived! Every flower was truly incredible!! We made 11 bridesmaids/bridal bouquets, 11 lapel pins, All of our table decorations along with things hanging behind the top table. And all the flowers for the church and venue! Every nook and cranny was full of beautiful flowers! They lasted incredibly and i couldn’t stop looking at them through the day and thinking how beautiful they made everything! Have attached a couple of pictures and some of my friends who are getting married this coming summer have already asked me to do their flowers! I am hoping to be a return customer! Thank you for helping to make our wedding truly beautiful!’

Lara DIY Wedding December 2017

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 


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