With the first Sunday of Advent on the 3rd December, we felt it only apt to create a Step-by-Step How to Guide on How to Create a Christmas Advent Wreath with the Triangle Nursery Team. 

Step 1: Find your ingredients for your recipe 

All of the ingredients can be found at Triangle Nursery, www.trianglenursery.co.uk. You will need:

Step 2: Create a Collar with the Conifer

As shown in the video, create a collar on the inner and outer part of the Floral Ring with conifer by cutting into smaller pieces and positioning in the ring.

Step 3: Continue to base the arrangement 

Continue to create a base for the arrangement using the foliage, adding blue spruce by cutting into smaller pieces and positioning in and around the floral ring.

Step 4: Disguise the candle holders using Pinus Strobus 

To disguise the mechanics of the advent wreath and create an aesthetically pleasing design, use your choice of foliage. Here we are using Pinus Strobus.  Position the foliage around the candle holders, as shown in the video.

Step 5: Continue to add foliage to the wreath

Continue to add your foliage of choice to the wreath to cover the oasis floral foam.

Step 6: Place the Taper Candles into the Candle Holders 

Place the taper candles into the candle holders in the arrangement.

Step 7: Decorate your advent wreath with roses, dried fruits and christmas accessories

Once your wreath has been based with foliage, you can now add fresh flowers (i.e. Roses) and christmas accessories, for example dried fruit slices, whole oranges, pine cones and cinnamon sticks. You can wire the decorations into the wreath by using binding wire or green stub wire creating a  double leg mount to position in place and secure.

The entire video can be found on our Youtube channel at https://youtu.be/iq9mzyjfKvQ.

Christmas Advent Wreath.png

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