Get creative this Valentines with our step by step guide on how to create a ruby red floral heart wreath – perfect for a table arrangement, wedding garland or a gift. Follow our instructions below…


Step 1: Condition and prepare your flowers of choice before you start working with them. Ensure you cut, remove any necessary foliage and allow the flowers to have a good drink for at least 2/3 hours before arranging and preferably overnight before you start working with them.

Step 2: Gather your florist tools, including 12 inch floral foam heart (open or solid), a pair of scissors and a florist knife.


Step 3: Soak the floral foam in water for a few minutes…

Step 4: Round the edges of your floral foam heart. This is to help with the shaping of your floral wreath.


Stage 2.3 editted.png

Step 5: Start by creating the base, by using foliage of choice. Here at Triangle Nursery,we have chosen to base the wreath with Leatherleaf and Hard Ruscus. Start by cutting the Leatherleaf into smaller pieces (as shown in the photograph above) and arrange in and around to create an even base – remembering to use the shape as a guide.


As shown below…

Stage 2.4editted.png

Next, repeat the process with the Hard Ruscus…

Stage 3 editted.png

As shown below…

stage 4 editted.png

Step 6: Now you have completed the base, it’s time to add the flowers. First, add the focal flower, in this example we are using Rose Freedom. Depending on the size of your floral wreath, you can use between seven to nine roses. Using a pair of scissors, cut the stems to the required length (around 2″).

stage 4.5 editted.png

Step 7: Start to arrange the roses or the chosen focal flower into your arrangement. Depending on your personal preference, you can either make a contemporary design with grouped flowers or a more traditional design with evenly placed flowers.

stage 5 editted.png

Step 8: Add your additional flowers. In this example we have a selection of Germini Suri...

stage 6 editted.png

… Hypericum Green Power, Spray Carnation Chateau.

Here we have the final result of our floral heart wreath.



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