Here at Triangle Nursery, our florists have come together and compiled Top Tips and Advice to help you choose your wedding flowers for your special day!

The best part about flowers is there are hundreds, in fact thousands of different flower varieties that can be applied to any theme, event and milestone in our lives. Beautiful flowers can not only transform any venue into a stunning location, but it is a must-have accessory for taking those memorable steps down the aisle!

Venue: Easton Grange // Wedding: September // Florist: Triangle Nursery 

Choose your florist

Whether you opt for a professional florist, a family member or go DIY, it is important to plan and work closely with them to ensure they understand all your requirements. If you are working with a florist, ask if you can view their portfolio of previous work and get recommendations from friends and family who have had positive experiences. If you are going DIY, make sure you organise your time to ensure you have plenty of time to condition and prepare your flowers before your wedding day to avoid stress!! Read the latest issue of Your Wedding and Wedding Flowers for advice on how to balance your time efficiently…

Consider your theme

What is your theme? Whether it is colour, genre or trend orientated, choosing a theme can bring all the elements together. What brought you together? Did you meet abroad or down the local pub? What are your favourite hobbies? Are you opting for a pretty or the latest trend? Whatever you choose, our top tip is once you get an idea, make sure you work alongside your florist to ensure your flowers follow your style and colour.

Theme: Country / Farmers Theme – ‘the baaaa..’ 


Consider your venue 

There is umpteen ways you can decorate a venue with beautiful flowers from table decorations to archways draped with garden foliage, but remember to choose wisely.  Top tip: Using Google, pinterest, social media, research previous weddings at the venue to see how couples have used the space. Give your florist as much information about the venue and your ideas to ensure the arrangements fit with the space and style of the venue.

Venue: Thorpeness Country Club // Ceremony Room // Florists: Triangle Nursery 
Venue: The Gherkin // Ceremony Room // Florists: Triangle Nursery 

Choose your colours wisely 

Depending on your style and taste, many people tend to follow the seasonal trends for their wedding colours, with summer favoring pastel hues to winter with their rich red and autumnal shades. Don’t let this restrict your choice – there are hundreds of varieties that come in different colours – so remember, if the flower doesn’t appear to come in the exact match of your focal colour, consider other tones and shades that may compliment it and match your theme. A brilliant way to find a specific coloured rose, tulip, you name it, is by using our colour filter on the website.

Venue: Easton Grange Wedding Venue // Wedding in July // Florists: Triangle Nursery

Choose your blooms wisely

Whether your opting for your favourite blooms or the prettiest, remember to be aware of seasonal availability when choosing your flowers for your wedding day. This will affect the accessibility and ultimately, the costs. Top tip: Research! Take a look at flower guides, availability charts, get an estimate, ask your florist or simply call Triangle Nursery on 01394 385 832 and our florists will be happy to assist your burning questions.

A prime example of this is the peony. Peonies are known to be favourited by many, especially for wedding flowers, but they are seasonal. They are usually available and at their best between April through to end of June. You may see some later flowering varieties in July, but there is no guarantee. If you have your heart set on peonies, but they are unavailable at the time of your wedding, take a look at the ever-gorgeous Garden Rose. For more information, please see our flower guide for Peony or for other flowers.


To gain inspiration for your wedding flowers, the best and most accessible tool is the internet. Social media, Facebook, Instagram and pinterest are filled with endless ideas, from made-up arrangements, how to guides, previous weddings and of course, the latest trends this year! Read bridal magazines and blogs online, create yourself a mood board (online or offline) to show your florist as it will most certainly help them get a better idea of how you would like your dream day!

Venue: Helmingham Hall // Florist: Triangle Nursery Ltd 

Be realistic 

With all the accessible social platforms, it is easy to get carried away with your ideas, colours and styles for your big day! But, remember to consider everything, the venue, the dress, the themes, your budget when choosing your wedding flowers and your time schedule leading up to the day of the wedding. I would advise speaking to your florist for guidance to identify what is achievable!

Venue: Easton Grange Wedding Venue // Theme: Tea Party 

Let’s talk about your budget

Leading on from the previous point, what is your budget? On average, wedding flowers cost couples more than £600. To avoid disappointment, speak to your florist about your budget and they will be able to advise accordingly OR get an estimate from our website of what we would expect the flowers to cost at the time of year of your wedding.

Venue: Thorpeness Country Club // Florists: Triangle Nursery 
Venue: Seckford Hall // Theme: Childhood // Florist: Triangle Nursery

For more wedding advice and inspiration, visit or call us on 01394 385 832.

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