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This blog is dedicated to the type of bouquets for your younger bridesmaids! Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what type of arrangements for younger bridesmaids – a flower crown, a wand, a bouquet, a basket or even a pomander? The type of flower arrangements can depend on the age of your little ones and their personalities!

(1) Flower Pomanders 

These little pomanders are perfect for little tots to carry around over their wrists on your special day! The ball is made with floral foam sphere (different sizes available) of flowers hung on a beautiful ribbon of choice! They are perfect to add that burst of colour and keep you little one occupied!!


(2) Flower Crowns

Often the simplest are the prettiest. We absolutely love flower crowns!! From the simplest of designs to the extravagant, it can stand alone as the sole accessory. Perfect to decorate with gypsophila, spray roses or bright / colourful bigger blooms like peonies, chrysanthemums and roses!

(3) Flower Posies 

For many, the preference of a smaller bridesmaid posies are the perfect option for their big day. This is a smaller version of the brides or adults bridesmaids bouquets, incorporating similar flowers and colours! Often you will find that the younger ones enjoy holding and taking responsibility for their bouquets throughout the day!

Easton Grange - Sophie and Sam (19).jpg

(4) Flower wands

An alternative idea is a flower wand for your flower girls! This very cute idea is affordable young bridesmaids wedding flowers, they are light weight and easy for children to hold!! Top tip: Use the focal flower from the brides or bridesmaids bouquet as the main flower for the wand and add fillers, for instance a rose or peony. Wrap the stem in the same ribbon to keep the theme flowing throughout (as shown in the photograph below!)

(5) Or maybe flower baskets? 

A flower basket can be perfect for young flower girls and bridesmaids as they are easy to hold, lightweight and can be put down where ever!! The basket can be filled with flowers, similar to the brides or adult bridesmaid, solely gypsophila or filled with confetti! The added touch of ribbon works perfectly!

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