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Discover first-hand, Anya and Hayden’s experience using wholesale flowers for their DIY wedding this year.

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‘I decided to do my own wedding flowers as I worked at a florist for three years during school, and had some previous experience. I had also helped to do my mother-in-law’s wedding flowers four years ago, however I was still apprehensive! I could not justify the cost of a florist when I knew I could do it myself, so I started researching.’


‘I already had a rough idea of what I wanted, but I did some research by visiting a wholesaler with my old boss, who gave me some hints and tips. From there, I narrowed down what flowers I would ideally like, and used Triangle Nursery’s website to look at prices, availability and advice, only choosing flowers that were in season. I stuck to flowers that are fairly hardy and last well, as our wedding was over two days, in a marquee in Cornwall.’

‘I focused on two or three main flowers (amnesia rose, dahlia and thistles), and chose a variety of filler flowers, to create the woodland, pastel theme. Other flowers included waxflower, thlaspi green bells and Veronica.’


Useful tools

‘Then came the most difficult part in my opinion, working out quantities. The estimate tool on the website was very useful. By this point, I know how many bouquets, arrangements and jars I required, and I used some fake flowers I had to create a mock centre piece. I knew from my previous experience that flowers look best in odd numbers, so I went from there, also noting that other friends had complained of sore arms after their bouquets were too big!’


Ordering and receiving the flowers

‘Our wedding was in a marquee, at a farm in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. I do not live in Cornwall, so extra complications arose whilst planning the logistics! Our wedding was very DIY, with all decorations and entertainment planned by us. I knew there was a workshop space at the farm available for me to do the conditioning and the arrangements in the days before the wedding.

I contacted Triangle Nursery via email asking for advice a couple of times and got great help. In addition to the flowers, I ordered buckets, flower food, knife, scissors, wire, twine and various tapes. The flowers all arrived on time and in a good condition, despite the journey!

I enlisted the help of family in the two days before the wedding, but found that actually sometimes less helpers is better! I conditioned the flowers for a whole day and night, and they all lasted surprisingly well, most of a week!’


‘I created three bouquets, over 50 jam jars, two buckets, three jugs and numerous gin bottles, as well as buttonholes, with the help of my mum, sister and mother in law. Everyone complemented the flowers and I have been asked to help with friends flowers next year!’

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Wise Advice for DIY brides

My advice, however, would be to be realistic about doing your own flowers- it was time consuming and took a lot of effort. If you want to be in the spa the day before, it’s not for you! Also research as much as you can, and ask for help when you need it, but don’t be afraid of them, they’re just flowers!’


Flowers: Triangle Nursery Wholesale Flowers

Photographer: Thomas Frost Photography

Hair Stylist: Lisa Gadsby Wedding Hair specalist


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