The bohemian trend continues to remain popular in fashion, interior design and of course, for weddings and events for floral design! Long, flowy dresses, floral crowns, and a free spirit are all quintessential for the Boho wedding theme. Bouquets are wild and centerpieces eclectic, thriving on the gypsy vibes that have become increasingly popular.

This style prides itself with offering a playful nature and constrasting clours to your arrangements such as astilbe, ranunculus, spray roses and lots & lots of fresh, luscious greenery! We have selected 10 bohemian early summer flowers to fit your boho decor!

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Early Summer Flowers

  1. Scabious Stellata – One of our favourites that adds character, texture and colour to the designs instantly. Similar to allium bullit or bright yellow craspedia in shape, this seedhead variety is ideal for a boho style.
  2. Chrysanthemum Sgl (Bloom) Barca – In a boho style, there is always that eye catching bloom, statement or focal flower in arrangement, whether it be a protea, peony or a chrysanthemum bloom. This particular bloom is hardy, versatile and beautiful in colour. Ideal if you are looking to add depth and warmth into the design and constrast with other softer and paler tones.
  3. Eucalyptus Nicholii – Eucalyptus is the most popular greenery on the market with weddings and events (I think!). The grey/green colour palette compliments almost all colour schemes, especially a boho style. Available in other varieties, such as Cinerea, Parvifolia, Gunnii and more.
  4. Lisianthus Rosanne Deep Brown – This lisianthus is ideal to add warmth and depth to your colour palette. The attractive bloom resembles the shape of a rose with a slight frill on the petals and great for that boho look.
  5. Astrantia Star of  Love– This delicate flower is ideal as a filler flower and compliments pinks and deeper bordeaux reds as a constrast.
  6. Amaranthus Yearming Desert Cream – Unusual? Unique? This beige coloured upright Amaranthus is relatively popular and suits a boho trend perfectly. The odd texture and shape adds character to designs.
  7. Peony Bridal Shower – Peonies are very popular for brides to bes! They are certainly a focal bloom that is loved by many. Bridal Shower is a white/cream flower variety that works well with a pastel colour palette or dark, constrasting burgundy or jewel shades. When out of season, a similar alternative would be to opt for the Garden Rose.
  8. Limonium Mr. Silver Pink – Limonium, similar to gypsophila or solidago, it is an ideal filler flower. Limonium Mr Silver Pink is an astonishing colour and as the name suggests is in a very light pink colour shade.
  9. Ranunculus Cloony Nerone – If you are seeking a dark plum or burgundy colour shade to act as constrast against your lighter blooms, the Ranunculus is ideal but it is seasonal so you will need to double check availability. Great as a filler flower.
  10. Scabious Candy Scoop – Luscious raspberry, light pink colour palette to compliment the other blooms. Add character and a soft tone to your flower arrangements and works well in a boho styled arrangement.

Find all the products available on the website and for more inspiration for your bohemian wedding day, head to our Pinterest mood board for a combination of flower varieties and arrangements.


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