In this week’s pretty mix, we have a selection of seasonal and all year round flower varieties, edging toward the wedding season. Combining soft colour palettes, sweet aromas and ravishing blooms.

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  1. Ammi Majus Visnaga – The perfect filler flower to create a softening effect for your floral arrangements for both weddings and events. Ideal for rustic and cottage garden styles.
  2. Rose Mondial (can be found in the Wedding Flower Packs) – Beautiful large headed rose variety is perfect for wedding and event flowers. Sturdy stem that works well in all types of flower designs, including bouquet to pedestal work.
  3. Stocks Aida White – Loved for their fragrance, stocks are perfect for wedding flowers. They also add height to the arrangements – available in other colours, including pink, apricot, lilac, purple and more.
  4. Ammi Majus Green Mist – A new variety to the scene. This variety has a sturdy head and stem which makes it perfect for wedding and event work. Similar to the Visnaga, it is ideal for rustic and cottage garden styles.
  5. Peony Sarah Bernhardt – A seasonal-favourite for weddings, events and flower-lovers. This particular variety tends to be in high production and is a pale pink bloom with flexs of darker pink in the centre.
  6. Rose Spray Miss Bombastic – Favourited by our floral experts, this rose spray is typically a larger variety with approx. 5+ buds per stem which makes it a brilliant variety for weddings and events for all types of flower arrangements.
  7. Rose Spray Victorian Peach (similar varieties include Augusta Luise, Freiland) – New to the market, this spray rose is a large headed variety. For purchase, contact the office.

To conclude, you can find all (or the majority) of the ingredients on this list and more on our website here. Along with more suggestions on our Flower Board for a pink or white colour palette.

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