Luscious greenery, bright colours and creative brides. Discover first-hand, Laura and Gary’s experience using wholesale flowers for their DIY wedding in April this year. 

Laura and Gary

Source: One Big Photography 

I have been asked to write a blog post for Triangle Nursery after sharing photos of my DIY wedding flowers. Hopefully this will give some helpful tips and advice to all the DIY brides out there!

“I have always loved fresh flowers so for me it was loads of fun planning, ordering and arranging the gorgeous flowers. It was also a great way to keep costs down and as long as you are organised (and have a few helpers) it might become one of your wedding highlights. It was definitely one of mine!”


There were six elements that sprung to mind when planning for my wedding flowers

  1. Colours – To link with the bridal party colours, I choose pinks, burgundy, whites and luscious greenery.
  2. Styles – The theme of the wedding was rustic and bohemian, so I decided to use wooden planters, jars, floral hoops and copper frames for all of the flowers to be informally arranged in. Perfect for DIYing!
  3. Flower Availability (and of course, budget!) My advise to any DIY bride would be to first check whether the flower you want is in season and within budget. Add the items to your wishlist and check the prices near the time to see if it still within budget. If not, there is no need to panic as there are so many alternatives to choose from! I admittedly checked the website weekly in the run up to the wedding!
  4. Quantities –  Seems obvious, but logistically you will need to know how many of each flower you’ll need for each arrangement. I trialled one planter and one jar so I knew approximately how many stems I needed and multiplied this by the amount of jars and planters I had overall.
  5. Non-negotiable Flowers, aka the really special ones for my bridal bouquet! For me, David Austin roses, peonies and Telopea were a must in my bouquet! I would advise to look on Pinterest for annotated bouquet pictures and find out the names of the flowers that you love!
  6. Textures – Depending on the your design, but for me, I ordered a variety of different textures of both flowers and foliage to add interest to the arrangements and bouquets.

Laura and Gary 2

Source: One Big Photography 

Useful tools (inc. website, social)

“The Triangle Nursery website is really great as it gives lots of advice on when to order the flowers (3-4 days before event),how to condition the flowers when the arrive and there are even some handy videos on how to make specific arrangements. The Facebook page was also really good for videos so I would advise watching as much of these as you can in the weeks before the flowers arrive.”

Ordering the flowers

“When I ordered the flowers I filtered by colours I was using and then put them in order of price from lowest to highest. This helped me stay within budget as I could order lots of seasonal and beautiful flowers such as roses, alstroemeria, nigella pods, astrantia and aster. I could then search for specific flowers that I knew I wanted in the bouquets and frame/hoop. Foliage is hugely important and really added to the look I was going for. I used a combination of Olive, Eucalyptus and Asparagus plus some freebies that my mum cut from the garden!”

Arrival of the flowers

“When the flowers arrive…be prepared!

They will come in large boxes and need to be conditioned properly so that they are fresh for the big day. I bought lots of buckets and filled them a third of the way with tepid water, a couple drops of bleach, tsp sugar and some flower food. Once conditioned try to store in a dark, cool room (we used a spare room at the venue where we’d later arrange them) to keep them from developing too rapidly. The day before the wedding, the whole family pitched in to help arrange the flowers. It was so much fun and it was incredible seeing the venue transform!

Buy your own wedding flowers

If you have a venue with a large self catering space like we did then you can spread out across a few tables and focus on one thing at a time. We did the bouquets, the planters, the jars and then my Mum and I snuck off to do the frame and hoops! And if you’re having flowers in your hair or on the cake just make sure you have a jar/bucket for these to get kept aside in.”

Buy your own wedding flowers


I would recommend DIY flowers to anyone who likes being creative, keen to save a bit of money and wants the WOW factor! My guests still talk about the flowers and a few have asked me to do theirs if they get married!

Thank you Triangle Nursery for delivering such high quality, fresh flowers for our wedding. Will be using your services again in the future!


Flowers: Triangle Nursery Wholesale Flowers

Photographer: Marc Bowker – One Big Picture Photography

Reception: Boudingait Pub, Cupar

Cake: Pritzu’s Cakes and Bakes

Catering: Fallones Pizza

Dress: Rembo Styling, Apple Blossom Time



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