Soft colours meet dramatic contrasts! For styles like boho, this colour palette works beautifully and can be used all year round. This week we have a fabulous combination of flower varieties to share with you! Each flower is unique in shape and form and they all match with each other wonderfully, don’t you think?

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Flowers used in the Floral Poke Bowl

  1. Hydrangea Colombian Blue – Hydrangea speaks for itself, this opulent bloom works beautifully in this colour palette to soften the overall style.
  2. Alchemilla Mollis – Vibrant lime green filler flower that is ideal for a Spring or Summer colour palette. Another alternative is Thlaspi Green Bell.
  3. Veronica Clea Diana – Veronica is a great filler flower in bouquets, floral arrangement and bouquets to add interest and texture to your designs; sold in pink, white and purple, single and sprays.
  4. Limonium Safari Oshi Pink – Limonium adds a soft, feathery feel to the arrangements; available in pink, yellow, lilac/purple and white.
  5. Ranunculus Elegance White Ex – Seasonal flower is sought-after for weddings and events, ideal for bouquets and jam jar arrangements. If out of season, choose a larger spray rose like Rose Spray Miss Bombastic.
  6. Clematis Amazing London – To add colour and depth into the arrangement, clematis is ideal, especially for weddings and events. Unusual, small star-shaped flowers available in lilac, purple and mauve.
  7. Gypsophila Starburst – Small-headed gypsophila is neat and ideal for wedding and event flowers. Very popular on its own or with other flowers – very cost effective!
  8. Campanula Lampion Lilac – Bell shaped flowers are seasonal and work well in rustic or country garden themed events or weddings. Popular for table centrepieces, bouquets and pedestals.
  9. Rose Alpe D’huez – Popular white/ivory rose, medium size head. Ideal for all types of flower arrangements and suits all colour schemes.
  10. Peony Red Charm – Seasonal flower that is a wedding-favourite, fluffy blooms, nuptial symbolism and incredible fragrance! If you are looking for a contrasting flower that adds an opulence and drama to the designs, this is perfect for you. Can be unpredictable, so if you are looking for an easier option, garden roses might be better suited.

For all of the blooms on the blog today, visit our website for more information and for prices. Alternatively, you can get in touch on 01394 385 832 and our team of advisors will be happy to help you with your questions!

Comment below and share what other flowers that you think would work perfectly in this mix of flowers 👇


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