Influence of Flowers

The fashion industry has been using flowers in their masterpieces and creations for years, designing around the seasons by taking inspiration from the colours, shapes and sizes of the time of year.

From catwalks, PR stunts to advertising, using real flowers creates a unique and dramatic statement, even if short-lived. It is clear to us now that flowers influence the way we feel, think and behave, so we can certainly understand how the fashion industry treats the green world as gospel in their designs. Flowers make us feel beautiful, they make us smile and they create a better, more relaxed environment.


Rodarte's Spring 2018 Show Brings a Romantic New Flower Hair Crown to Paris

Source – Vogue Magazine (Paris 2018)

Source Sarabande, Spring/Summer 2017

Flowers, both silk and fresh are not only added to the decoration on the catwalk, but they have been known to be worn, and why not? This dress has certainly got a WOW factor about it, and is stunning!

The Most Extravagant Runway Shows Of All Time via @WhoWhatWear



Image courtesy of Floral Art Forum: Joseph Massie


Cosmetics are no different. For years, the industry has been trying to recreate the fragrance of the world’s flowers, to seduce, heal, tone, sooth, calm, perfume and defy the ageing process. From start to finish, fresh flowers have been used to captivate audiences through not only the scent of the perfume but the look and the3 design that would inevitably influence audiences to buy.


Take Dior as a prime example of this, with their product captivating the essence of the floral beauty throughout, inside and out. ‘Blooming Bouquet’ captures a ‘feeling of immediate attraction and a floral bouquet of freshness.’ Another favourite, its perfumed sister Miss Dior, ‘Absolutely Blooming’ sets itself apart from Blooming Bouquet with its ability to seduce with utter relish.

It is formed of flowers with sensual notes, a peony accord interlaced with damask and Grasse roses, and buoyed by a base of white musks hat ultimately envelop the entire composition. “Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming offers itself up immediately,” explains François Demachy. “It is a gorgeous gift to be embraced without hesitation.”


A cosmetic that embodies not only the essence of the flower but the daisy girl who wears it is Daisy, Marc Jacobs. “A daisy is a friendly flower, not precious, not exotic but it evokes a spirit in a lot of women.” Daisy Marc Jacobs is the same classic, a pure fragrance that is charmingly simple with a signature quality. It is said to transport you to a place of optimism, and purity and embodying the charm of the daisy girl with her timeless nature, loving and positive energy.

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